What To Do If You Have An Electrical Issue?

What To Do If You Have An Electrical Issue?

There is nothing worse than having an electrical issue. If you have an issue with your electricity, it is vital that you have it checked out right away.   The first thing you will do is contact a local electrician in Pigeon Forge TN to come out and do an inspection.  Before that however, you can take a few steps to ensure you are safe.

Turn off the power

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Turning off the power sounds like an extreme move, however, if you simply shut off the power to the local area that you feel is having the issue, you will still be able to function in your space.  To do this, go to your breaker box and flip the switches.  Each switch will correspond to a specific area of your home.  If you can’t find the issue, there is a master switch that will shut off all the power to the house.

Feel outlets and walls

Another thing you can do is walk around and feel outlets and walls for heat.  If you feel that an outlet, switch or wall is hotter than any other wall, make a note of it for your electrician.  If you feel that the outlets are burning hot, turn off the power to the entire house immediately and contact the fire department and an electrician right away.

Never leave anything running

One thing that people like to do is turn on the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher before they leave the house to do errands.  This sounds like a good idea, however, it could lead to a fire.  The last thing that you want to do is leave these devices unattended.  If you do, they could break down or otherwise cause damage.  This damage could result in a fire.